What is the house survey?

What does this tool do?

The House Survey is a free to use portal allowing users to see a thermal image of their home, its current estimated EPC rating and potential savings from various refurbishment options. Some of the data used may be based on assumptions, users have the option of updating their property details directly online or via energy partners. Once complete a new updated energy audit is carried out automatically and new savings generated and displayed instantly.

What if I have a question?

What will you see?

Each thermal image has been cropped to only show your property. Regions of increased heat loss will be shown in Red , Yellow and Green. With Red being the most severe.

EPC rating / Refurbishment Savings

The EPC rating estimates the current overall efficiency of your home and its potential. The property is given a grading from A to G and are based on the energy use of your property and it's CO2 use. This rating is only an estimation and not an official EPC. Potential savings have been calculated using SAP2012. Savings are an estimation of the potential savings and are based on the supplied data being correct. We recommend you check the current data to see if it matches your actual construction. If it is incorrect contact IRT Surveys

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